A family group

More than fifty years ago, a family was taking its first steps in the food business. They ran a small stall selling poultry products. It turned into a big meat industry

A family group

Logo Grupo Alejandro Miguel

The Alejandro Miguel Group is originated in the year 1944, when our grandparents started a small business in the food sector of Logroño, with just a small stall in the central market area

The reason for the incredible rise and still rising has resulted in its constant good quality control, and most of all, in its specialization of meat, the pork Duroc, and still has maintained the same high quality standards that we so proudly offer. That is the reason we are, where we are now, a solid 100% business group in the meat sector with a good expert vocation.

Always with the objective of offering the maximum guaranty, the Alejandro Miguel Group make sure that the control of its entire process is flawless. This philosophy has given the company the great name it is today. Farmhouses, processing areas, and even drying areas and centers of elaboration, various integrated companies, all these are in search for quality.

Dedication, hard work, and a lot of love are the ingredients that form the recipe for each of our products, always making sure of satisfying the most sensitive of palates

The Alejandro Miguel Group distributes its products under these brands:

Alejandro Miguel – Special Meats. Pork meat Duroc, from pigs being bred in our own farmhouses and processed in our very own processing area.
Charcuterie made of pork Duroc with the best choice of natural ingredients.
Cured meat, assorted hams, pork shoulders… from ibericos pigs, all of these are bred and cured in Extremadura, carefully controlled since birth up till its growth in size and then sacrificed.
According to the tradition of the charcuterie riojana, this products are the best of its kind because of its mouth-watering taste.