• Tuesday May 28th, 2019
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The new eating and consumption habits of today’s society demand products that adapt to their needs. Today’s rhythm of life reduces both the availability and frequency with which purchases are made, thus requiring formulas that can preserve the product for a longer period of time.

Likewise, consumers have less time to prepare elaborate dishes and eat them, therefore containers that allow the food to be cooked and eaten in the packaging itself are solutions that are unquestionably on the rise.

In order to respond to new consumer demands, Alejandro Miguel, S..L. is developing a project whose objective is to adapt such a traditional product like meat to these new consumption needs, providing tasty recipes that are easy to cook, and whose properties are kept intact for longer.

This new range of products plans on responding to the needs of today’s consumer. Products that are comfortable to use, with an extended shelf life and, at the same time, that comply with the strictest food quality and safety standards.

The development of this project has been made possible thanks to the contribution by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, as well as that by the Economic Development Agency for La Rioja, which have co-financed the action.

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