• Tuesday May 28th, 2019
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Staying true to its origins, the Alejandro Miguel Group continues to place its focus on the Duroc pig.

A raw material that’s highly valued by both customers and consumers alike, which continues to make the Alejandro Miguel Group specialists in meat, and which is used to make our products. In short, our identifying characteristic.

To face an ever increasing demand, we have expanded part of our facilities:

  • We have expanded our cutting room to accommodate increased manufacturing and to serve a larger number of customers, adapting some of the lines to “ad hoc” products for specific demands.
  • Frozen product management has been improved, in order to adapt to a growing and increasingly demanding market.
  • The demand for a quality product has forced us to invest in the better selection and classification of hams (hind legs) and shoulder hams, in order to offer maximum guarantees.

All of these investments, together with our human team, have turned the Nalda plant into a benchmark in the sector. A modern and updated plant that complies with the strictest regulations in terms of food quality and safety, and which is able to meet the needs of any market.

The development of this expansion project has been possible thanks to the contribution made by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, as well as that by the Economic Development Agency for La Rioja, which, together with the Alejandro Miguel Group, have co-financed the action.

Ampliación centro productivo Nalda