• Monday December 19th, 2022
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It seems and is a phrase made, “the environment is everyone’s business”, which we all know and sometimes use without giving it the importance it deserves. In Alejandro Miguel, aware of the current situation and the warnings that the planet is giving us, we do not want to close our eyes and we continue to collaborate with all this common goal.

In recent years we have completed several projects to reduce energy consumption as much as possible in our plants and processes, executing investments of more than 1.6 million euros.

During the 2019 and 2020 financial years, in addition to changing the luminaire system for a much more efficient LED technology than the traditional one, we opted for solar energy by installing one of the largest photovoltaic installations on the roof of La Rioja in our main plant in Nalda. Far from speculation, our only purpose is self-consumption, thus avoiding the consumption of other more polluting sources.

In 2021 we replicated the work done in Nalda and started a new installation of solar panels in another of our production plants in Navarrete, La Rioja.

During 2022 we have completed the installation of two projects in both plants, Nalda and Navarrete, with which we want to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, in this case, diesel. An innovative system consisting of the installation of recovery of surplus heat from the refrigeration system and used to heat water.

Based on NH3 heat b omba in closed circuit, the current refrigerator system will be used to serve the heat pump as an evaporation and condensation system in the main circuit. It will take advantage of the residual heat given off by the cold machinery and that is lost in the environment by putting additional equipment, which did not exist and does not replace any.

Before this project, to heat water and generate steam, so essential in our production process, an oil boiler was used. In this project an additional heat pump will be installed to collect excess heat, reducing the consumption of diesel.

It should be noted, about the projects of heat recovery of the Nalda plant and of Navarrete heat recovery basin, that both are covered by the LINE OF AID FOR ENERGY SAVING AND EFFICIENCY IN SMES AND LARGE COMPANIES IN THE INDUSTRIAL SECTOR, co-financed by the IDEA and managed by the Autonomies, under the NATIONAL ENERGY EFFICIENCY FUND, to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable economy. “A way of making Europe”. With an approved budget of € 373,333.33 and € 328,333.33 and the granting of € 112,000 and € 98,500 in the Nalda and Navarrete plants respectively.